At New Mexico Chile Company we offer a wide variety of authentic, traditional New Mexican products, and whether you prefer Red, Green or a little of both, we have you coveredGreen Chile Fields!  From flame-roasted, diced Green Chile to Red Chile puree to the State Cookie of New Mexico - all of our products are New Mexican made or grown in the fertile soils of the world-renowned Hatch and Mesilla Valleys of Southern New Mexico.  Our beautiful state basks in over 310 days of sunshine a year.  We are blessed with a mild, dry climate and four distinctly beautiful seasons.  We have very low humidity which keeps summer temperatures comfortable, keeps our winters sunny and relatively mild, and makes for the best Chile growing conditions around!  New Mexico is an extremely diverse state, with multiple cultures influencing our daily life.  One of the things that makes New Mexican food so appealing is the blend of flavors from Spanish and Native American cultures that have been perfected over the course of 400 years, and it all centers around the Chile.  Please see our Recipe page for some of our favorite dishes and to experience the true taste of New Mexico. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.